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All types of landlord and tenant forms for Commercial or Residential use, including lease applications, lease termination forms, and more.

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Transferring property title and closing the transfer of ownership of the property must be done correctly with the proper forms to ensure the legality of the transaction and avoid future problems.

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How to find Forms Online, Complete and Save Money

Find all Legal Documents Online with US Legal Forms


The majority of forms, except those that the IRS provides, are unavailable for public access. US Legal Forms offers thousands of forms that are not available online. The IRS does provide forms online for tax purposes.

And when looking for a sample, you will soon recognize that you’ll often have to pay a lot of money in order to buy legal forms. It can also be quite difficult to identify what type of document you need in your individual case or situation. This can make a person hire an attorney, which is expensive. That’s why we provide simple categories, form descriptions, and previews.

Most of our templates are not complicated and are easy to fill out. If you want an affordable opportunity for getting all the form templates you need, while saving both time and money, then this website is perfect for you.

Hundreds of Legal Forms Online for Personal and Business Use


We've created US Legal Forms so you can find any business and personal forms online. There is a wide range of form templates available on the website. They are grouped according to the area in which they are used. For example, there are a number of forms available for small and large organization LLCs. They're related to starting or selling a business, employment, and running a company. Here individuals can find letter templates, marriage and divorce documents, last wills, bankruptcy, home sale or rental forms and more.

We have provided legal forms templates and packages for more than three million people so far. They trust us when they need law documents for business or personal use. Further, any template you purchase can be reused and edited as many times as you need.

Our customers recommend us as the best service for getting a full legal document package in one purchase.

How can I get a Forms Pack for my Case?


US Legal Forms makes it easier to purchase and complete business forms and legal documents. It works directly in your browser, so you don't need any extra software on your device. You only save to your computer what you need — our editable templates.

Follow these steps to find the right legal form or template for your situation:

  1. Identify the sphere of use for your template. To get tax forms, visit the Free Legal Forms tab. It has the full list of services that contain templates free of charge. Keep in mind, that most of them are in PDF format. So you will need special software or an online platform to edit them.

  2. Find the needed form via a search engine or select the type of business issue or case you have. The system will display the most applicable template variant or related form. The website contains numerous categories according to the sphere of their use and the circumstances you have. Select the general category first and then the optional one.

  3. Choose the correct template or package of legal documents and specify the state. This is very important since many states have state-specific forms, laws, and regulations.

  4. Read additional details about the form to ensure proper use and see what other documents should be used in conjunction with it.

  5. Read the form’s content. Use the preview option that will display all its components.

  6. Download the document to your computer in order to edit it digitally in MS word or Rich Text format. You can also print it out and file a paper copy.

Every template is available for reuse as many times as you need. In addition to the document package, we frequently provide links to the current laws and regulations connected with every change in the template or rules for filing it. There is also the option of printing the copy on paper and having it delivered to you by mail for free.



What does ID mean in legal documents?

The term ID refers to the document that identifies a person. In most cases, it is a card that contains the person’s photo, name, citizenship, age, etc.

What does SS mean on legal documents?

This term is used in business legal documents and for notaries in particular. It is inherited from the Latin word which means “in particular” or “namely”.

What legal forms do I need to start a business?

Every business owner should have an Employee Identification Number and select the correct variant of business (Independent contractor or self-employed, LLC, corporation, etc.). Then, just select the corresponding category and you'll see the full list of legal documents for starting a business.

How long should I keep legal papers?

Every paper has its own term. For example, tax documents filed by companies have a term of at least three to four years.

Why You Should Use Legal Forms


Use US Legal Forms when you need a legal document for an affordable price and really fast. It offers a wide selection of ready-made fillable forms – one of the largest in the industry.

It’s simple to use because of the catalogue and smart classification features. This means that every template is kept in its proper category. The website also contains detailed instructions and guidelines for using the templates and supporting tax and legal documents associated with it. Thanks to this, every user is able to complete forms faster and save both time and money.

Did You Know?


This form library is perfect for attorneys because it provides access to one of the largest form collections available. It covers all needed practice areas and states for handling a successful business.