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Life is unpredictable. For this reason, be prepared for emergencies with ready-made packages of life documents classified by state. Respond to the questions below to obtain the complete Personal Planning Package that suits you, with a whole collection of end-of-life forms, consisting of a Last Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney, Personal Life Planning Form, and Estate Planning Worksheet. End of life checklist pdf.
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Personal Planning Package Description - End Of Life Planning Checklist

Properly arranging life documents is important for everyone who wants to plan their future, taking care of their family and capital after their death or in case of tragically losing capacity due to an illness or an accident. To help you accomplish this, US Legal Forms offers a full package of all the essential documents specific to your state, consisting of Will templates (Last and Living types of testament), Power of Attorney blanks, a Personal Life Planning Form, and an Estate Planning Worksheet.

The Personal Planning Package contains more than just state-specific templates. There’s also a description of each document and guidelines on organizing and filling out your testament papers.

Please consider that laws and regulations differ a lot depending on the state you reside in. We've taken into account all these peculiarities when forming each bundle. Be certain to correctly declare where you legally reside to get a suitable set of templates specific to your state.

  • 1. US Legal Forms grants you sets of all the necessary legacy papers like those listed below:
  • 2. Last Will samples
  • 3. Power of Attorney blanks (General and Durable POA samples for property and finance-related purposes),
  • 4. Advanced Health Care Directive template / Living Will
  • 5. Estate Planning Questionnaire with Worksheets
  • 6. Personal Planning Information with Document Inventory Worksheets.

Take a look at the detailed descriptions of each document:

  • 1. Last Will and Testament (which is often simply called a Will or a Testament). This is an official document that expresses the testator's final wishes related to their assets (property, money, business, etc.) and sets guardians over their dependents. It states how other possessions should be handled between the heirs or whether any of them should be donated to charity. Complete it in detail, specifying who your heirs are, what capital and belongings you wish to grant them, in what parts, and appoint trustees or guardians, when necessary.
  • 2. General/Durable Power of Attorney. A Power of Attorney (hereinafter in the text abbreviated as POA) is a legal permission (authorization letter) that allows a person to nominate someone to legally represent them and act in their name in the event of becoming disabled. The one who’s issuing this document is called a principle, while a trusted person is known as an agent. There are different types of POA. A General POA allows an agent to operate your money and funds and perform other indicated acts in your favor. Its legal effect ends from the moment of your death or becoming incapacitated. On the contrary, with a Durable POA, your agent’s legal authority starts only with your incapacity. Select the one that suits you (or use them both for more guarantees) and assign a person you truly trust. There are other grounds for issuing a POA, for instance, if you work overseas and give permission to a spouse to represent you and act in your name. Please bring to notice that these two letters of attorney ARE NOT intended to deal with health-related issues.
  • 3. Advanced Health Care Directive or a Living Will. These legal forms are for instructing both medical staff and your relatives about what aid you wish to receive as a provision for becoming incapable. Complete them to declare if you want your life to be prolonged and what medical procedures you agree to get when you’re unable to decide that on your own. It’s also good to name a person who will speak on your behalf and make those decisions for you. You can also refuse to get treatment under certain circumstances and express your will to pass away without sustaining procedures.
  • 4. Estate Planning Questionnaire with Worksheets. A form for collecting all information relevant to your estate, assets, and liabilities together with personal and family data. This will help properly manage your estate in case of your demise or incapacity. Complete it in detail.
  • 5. Personal Planning Information with Document Inventory Worksheets. These documents help keep your life under control. Complete them to record everyday points that can come in handy in an emergency. Note all your relatives’ names with contact details, add your crucial medical information, provide the location of your legal documents, list the property and financial resources you possess, etc.

FAQ - End Of Life Documents

How can I write my will without an attorney?

It’s not written in any law that only an attorney can draw up a will. Everyone is free to make their last will themself, provided that it corresponds with your state’s particular laws and regulations. You can save on lawyers and legal advisers by writing out your testament on your own. However, make certain that you fully meet all the legal requirements and sign your testament with your handwritten signature in the presence of witnesses who also need to approve the deed.

Do I need to notarize my will?

It’s not necessary, however, it’s preferred. The law generally recognizes wills without notarization when written in person (with a testator's hand or, in certain circumstances, their mouth/foot), properly signed, and verified by two witnesses. The exact requirements may differ by state, and it's highly recommended to check them accordingly.

What are the conditions to making a will valid?

A will becomes valid and has a legal effect only when complying with the following conditions:

It must be in writing. The law also accepts printed versions of a will, but anyway, you should sign them on paper with a handwritten signature. Some states do accept electronic signatures on wills but it’s better to consult with a lawyer first.A testator must date the papers.Having two witnesses of a testator signing their will is obligatory. They must put the correct date of the deed and sign the testament to confirm all conditions were met.Notarizing is highly recommended.

When will my Living Will come into effect and how long is it valid?

A Living Will covers further medical instructions on treating a person that loses capacity. It comes into legal effect when a doctor certifies that a person is no longer capable of independently making decisions concerning their health. Once issued, it never expires until the person dies, revokes it, or unless a court cancels it.

What are the limits of a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document where a principal authorizes an agent to represent them and act for them in the event of their incapacity. POAs are classified into 4 types according to the authorities granted to the agent:

  • • General POA — provides an agent with lots of authority but stops after a principal becomes incapacitated
  • • Durable POA — starts only after the principal’s incapacity
  • • Special (Limited) POA — provides agents with authorities within a special (limited) area (e.g., selling real estate)
  • • Springing Durable POA — starts after a certain event.

States can also recognize alternative kinds of Powers of Attorney, like financial, medical, mental health, etc.

All limitations regarding a Power of Attorney are set by law and differ across states. But the general limitations on the documents are common: a principal must be sane (of sound mind) when issuing a POA, and the paper loses validity once the principal dies.

Who makes decisions if there is no Power of Attorney?

If a person becomes incapacitated without having left any authorization letters, usually, it’s a relative with the right to make decisions about medical treatment and who handles their financial affairs. However, with several family members or without having them at all, certain issues arise, and it’s the court or medical staff who’ll make such decisions. Every state has its own POA laws for such issues, so check them and consult a lawyer, if needed. It’s recommended that you have a POA prepared in advance to avoid conflict situations.

What information should be included in the Advanced Health Care Directive?

The form’s content varies depending on the state, but mostly it includes yes-no and open questions concerning the care you wish for or refuse to get when it comes to your potential passing. Carefully go through them all. Also, choose an individual you authorize for making health-related decisions in your name, give their personal and contact details. Sign the document properly. Ask two witnesses to confirm your deed with their signatures and notarize the form if these requirements are obligatory in your state.

How To Complete Personal Planning Package Questionnaire End Of Life Document Checklist?

Before you answer our questionnaire and get your Personal Planning Package, go through these recommendations to properly arrange everything for your future testament.

  • Start preparing your end-of-life papers by making a list of the property you possess. Write down your real estate, bank accounts, other financial assets like stocks and bonds, savings in cash, jewelry, and other property (patents, royalty, etc). Make other significant notes like their amount or current value.
  • Prepare and review all documents that prove your ownership. Make sure they are in order and kept safe. Be certain that your family members and people you appoint as executors of your will (it’s better to have more than one in case of unpredictable issues) know where you store your documentation.
  • Think of your beneficiaries — your family and/or other people who will inherit your belongings. Who do you want to bequeath your property to and how do you want to distribute inheritance shares between them?
  • Consider unexpected issues like accidents or illnesses leading to your disability. Who do you trust to be your agent and act on your behalf? Do you wish to leave special advice on further medical treatment in the event of incapacity?
  • Complete the questionnaire on our website. Make certain all data provided is accurate and up to date. Check your responses before submitting them.
  • Register an account and choose the subscription plan that works best for you. Once done and downloaded your form package, go through a quick questionnaire to obtain the Will template that suits your needs.

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