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How a Small Estate Affidavit Makes Probate Easier Probate Law

A small estate affidavit form can make an estate transfer much easier. Having to go through a formal estate administration under the probate code involves significantly greater expense and delay This is due to having to petition for appointment of a personal representative, hearings, and filing of formal papers, such as notices, inventories, and accountings. How to probate an estate doesn't have to be so cumbersome when the estate qualifies as a small estate.

What is a Probate Estate? Small Estate Affidavit

The probate estate involves the personal and real property assets owned by a deceased person at the time of his or her death. Rules vary by state, but certain assets are excluded, such as assets held in a trust, assets held jointly with a right of survivorship, or transfer on death assets that are distributed automatically to named beneficiaries at the owner's death. The term "probate the estate" refers to handling the distribution of the decedent's assets and payment of debts to creditors. This is handled by an executor or administrator in a formal probate administration, or through an abbreviated procedure under small estate probate rules.

What is a Small Estate? Small Estate

A small estate is one in which the total value of the assets owned by a person who died falls under the dollar limit set by state statutes. The probate code in each state defines what qualifies as a small estate and the filing rules that must be followed. Therefore, the dollar amount and rules to file a California small estate affidavit will differ from Texas small estate requirements, etc. The court forms offered by US Legal Forms are state-specific, and are updated regularly to comply with the ever-changing probate code in each state. You don't need to be an expert in estate and probate matters to use our small estate affidavit form, simply fill in the blanks. Free law summaries are also available on our site.

How Do You Transfer Property? Legal Probate Estate

In many states, a small estate affidavit, also called an heirship affidavit, is all you need. Property transfers, such as money in a bank account, can be made by simply presenting the small estate affidavit to the financial institution or other entity holding the property. A transfer of vehicle title at the department of motor vehicles often is accomplished this way when the owner dies.

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