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Want to know how to change your name? Did your parents give you a moniker that's gotten you stuck with a dreaded nickname? Maybe you decided to ditch the nickname you've always disliked or want to take on the name of a new spouse or adoptive parent. The desire for a legal name change can arise for many reasons. The entire process is fairly easy and inexpensive when you know the correct procedure to follow and have the proper forms to apply.

When and Where Do You Change Your Name Change Last Name

  • After marriage or divorce - It's been traditional for a new bride to take the surname of her spouse. These days, the groom may even opt to break tradition and adopt the wife's surname. The identity substitution documents may also be used on behalf of a child of a newly formed couple.

  • DMV name reapplies - If the name on a driver's license doesn't match other records, this can create considerable confusion. You will want to make sure the DMV records are updated to avoid problems with identification with various entities you deal with.

  • Passport name - If you plan to travel out of the country, it's crucial to get an updated passport record to avoid having problems leaving or entering the country. File your petition with your local civil court. In some states, if you have a court order, you may be able to file a name change application by mail. Otherwise, the passport replacement procedure requires a visit to the appropriate office in person.

  • Name rewrite for social security card - A social security card is often required as proof of identity. Therefore, a social security name change is often advised when you want a new identity. You should prepare your marriage certificate if applicable, birth certificate, a photo ID and a completed request form.

The change of name form can be used with many entities, such as an employer, bank, a credit card issuer, school, tax authority, etc. But many organizations require a federal court order for changing your name in their records. The procedure for legally changing the name of a newly married or divorced person is the same as for any person wanting a new identity. USA government regulations allow people to change their name at any time. The process of personal data substitution has its subtleties depending on the state, but it is not hard. Make it fast and easy with US Legal Forms document packages and preparation support.

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