The Best Way to Get a Name Change

How to change the last name or the entire name on your records isn't a complicated procedure. The name changing process is governed by state laws, which vary by state. A form for name change offered by US Legal Forms is state-specific, to comply with the latest name change state laws in your state. A form to change name is available in a package that includes step-by-step instructions and notifications. In order to change a name properly, you will want to make sure to follow the steps outlined for your state's name changing process and obtain a court order. A copy of the court order for name change can then be used to apply to get a passport change of name, name change for social security card, DMV name change, etc. You will also want to send a notification to relevant entities when you change a name, such as your bank, employer, credit card issuer, insurance agency, tax agency, and others.

Where Do You Change Your Name?

The name changing process may be needed for various purposes, and motivated for various reasons, such as adoption, marriage, divorce, or personal preference.

  • Name change after marriage - The courthouse where you reside is where to change name after marriage, not the court where you were married or the marriage certificate was filed.

  • Passport - A name change on passport records can be handled by mail instead of in person when a court order for name change is obtained. Passport name change is important when traveling out of country to make sure your travel plans go smoothly.

  • Social security name change - After going through the name changing process and getting a court order for name change, you should apply for a name change with the Social Security Administration, using a copy of the court order, to ensure that your benefits will be properly calculated.

  • To change last name, forename, or both, the process can be accomplished easily and inexpensively, using the proper name change forms that are designed according to your state's law. Changing your name needs to be accomplished according to the proper legal procedures, and the form for name change offered by US Legal Forms make it easier than ever to accomplish at minimal cost.

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