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Legal name change forms are available for adults, minors and families.  Download the name change form you need or order our completion services.  If you order completion services, the forms will be completed for you based on the information you provide and reviewed by a professional. Free form to change name descriptions, previews and law summaries are provided. Choose US Legal Forms to help complete your name change in Alabama.


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Regardless of why you change your name, you will need to notify the appropriate agencies and take other steps to make the name change in Alabama legal. This also applies to individuals who change their name as the result of marriage.

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Tips for Preparing Alabama Name Change

  1. Consider all the pros and cons of changing your name. Before initiating the process of a last name transition and executing Alabama Name Change, you need to keep in mind that it's necessary to maintain name uniformity throughout your important papers, such as your passport or social security card. As a rule, it's a really time- and resource-consuming procedure. In some circumstances, it's better to preserve your old name if you wish to share the same surname with your children after separation or divorce or for the sake of your professional development.
  2. Make sure to prepare the right set of files. Depending on your case - be it marriage and divorce, or any other personal circumstances, you need to get all the required documents ready. For example, if you want to make changes to your name after getting married, you’re required to get a few copies of the licensed marriage certificate and submission-ready documents. You can find Alabama Name Change at US Legal Forms, the most extensive virtual catalog of legal forms.
  3. Be aware of the restrictions associated with changing names in your state. The rules for name transition vary from one state to another. For example, in certain states, a name change after divorce requires you to face the hassle of doing a great deal of documents and other actions, whereas these steps are viewed needless in other states. All you need to do is update the information in a variety of files. If you need to complete the Alabama Name Change, try US Legal Forms. It has over 85,000 forms drafted by legal professionals and provides different educational materials to help you get and fill out the paperwork correctly.
  4. Never use a change of name form to avoid problems with the law. You have the right to get or not to get your birth name back for whatever reasons. However, if consider filling out and filing Alabama Name Change in order to avoid lenders or paying for your child's care, it may result in heavy penalties or other implications.

What Is an Alabama Motorcycle Bill of Sale?

An Alabama Motorcycle Bill of Sale is a legal document that shows the transfer of ownership of a motorcycle from one person to another. It is needed when buying or selling a motorcycle in Alabama. This document includes important information about the motorcycle such as its make, model, year, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). It also includes details about the buyer and seller, including their names, addresses, and signatures. The Alabama Motorcycle Bill of Sale acts as proof of ownership and protects both the buyer and seller in case any disputes arise in the future. It is necessary to have this document properly filled out and signed by both parties to ensure a smooth and legal transfer of ownership.

Is a Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form Required in Alabama?

Yes, in the state of Alabama, it is required to have a Motorcycle Bill of Sale form when buying or selling a motorcycle. This document serves as an important legal record that verifies the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer. It includes relevant information about both parties involved, details of the motorcycle such as its make, model, and vehicle identification number (VIN), as well as the agreed-upon purchase price. Having a Motorcycle Bill of Sale form ensures a smooth and transparent transaction, while also protecting the rights and interests of both the buyer and the seller.

Do You Need a Bill of Sale to Register a Motorcycle in Alabama?

Yes, in Alabama, you need a bill of sale to register a motorcycle. A bill of sale is a document that proves ownership transfer of the motorcycle from the seller to the buyer. It includes important details like the buyer and seller's names, contact information, motorcycle's description, and sale price. Registering a motorcycle helps the state keep track of ownership and ensures that the vehicle meets all legal requirements. So, if you're planning to register a motorcycle in Alabama, make sure to have a bill of sale handy.

How Do I Transfer Ownership of a Motorcycle in Alabama?

If you want to transfer ownership of a motorcycle in Alabama, it's a simple process that involves a few steps. First, you'll need to accurately fill out the back of the motorcycle's title with the buyer's name, your signature, and the date of sale. Then, both you as the seller and the buyer must sign a bill of sale. Next, the buyer should visit their local Alabama Department of Revenue (FOR) office within 20 days to complete the transfer. They will need to bring the signed title, the bill of sale, and pay the required fees. The FOR will then issue a new title to the buyer, completing the transfer of ownership. It's important to follow these steps carefully to ensure a smooth and legal transfer of ownership in Alabama.

Step 1: Sell or Purchase a Motorcycle

If you’re in Alabama and want to sell or buy a motorcycle, you need to follow some simple steps. First, gather all the necessary documents for the motorcycle, like the title and bill of sale. If you want to sell, set a fair price by researching the market and considering the bike's condition. Take clear pictures and write a detailed listing to attract potential buyers. Spread the word by sharing the listing on online platforms and local biker groups. If you’re the buyer, check multiple sources like websites and classified ads to find the motorcycle that suits your needs and budget. Don't forget to inspect the bike thoroughly before making a decision. Once you agree on the price, complete the necessary paperwork, including transferring the title and registration. Remember to be vigilant and cautious while negotiating or dealing with potential buyers or sellers.