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The proper lease agreement form can make the difference between a good or bad landlord and tenant relationship. It's vital that you have a written lease and rental agreement in place whenever you are dealing with rental property, so that you can avoid disputes in housing court, evictions, and minimize tenant turnover. With a written rental of lease template, the parties involved have a clear understanding of the expectations and obligations involved, and conflicts involving one party's word against another's can be prevented. Sometimes, even when the terms of an oral lease to rent agreement are understood at the time it's made, memories fade over time. Of course, before signing a contract to lease, proper screening should also be conducted prior to any tenant rental.

An agreement to lease form needs to cover some basic terms. The following describes some of the basics that should be included in any form of lease agreement:

  • Identification of the landlord and tenant and their respective mailing addresses.
  • Whether you have a lease to lease commercial property or a residential lease agreement, the amount of the rent and terms for payment, including any late charges, need to be described. Any deposits, such as a security deposit or pet deposit, and any other fees, should be clearly described.
  • The length of the tenancy agreement and beginning and ending dates must be specified. The terms for early termination or renewal and any required notices should be included.
  • Forms for lease agreement should cover the landlord's responsibility for maintenance and who is responsible for utility and insurance payments.

These are just some of the rental form basics that must be covered. The template for a lease agreement offered by US Legal Forms covers the terms in depth and can be customized in Word format to fit any particular need or situation.

Where Can I Get a Lease Agreement Form? Rental Pet Addendum

If you've been asking "where can I find a lease agreement form", it's best to use a state-specific template for lease agreement, since landlord and tenant laws vary by state. We offer an affordable, professionally drafted sample of lease agreement that's regularly updated for compliance with state laws, unlike many generic forms online. We also offer a rental agreement template as part of a package at a substantial savings over purchase of the form individually.