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LLC Formation, everything you need to form an LLC Including Articles, Instructions, Operating Agreement andmore!

LLC Formation Information

What is a Limited Liability Company? A limited liability company, commonly called an "LLC," is a business structure that fits somewhere between the partnership or soleproprietorship and the corporation. Like owners of partnerships or sole proprietorships, LLC owners report business profits or losses on their personal income tax returns.

How many people are needed to form a LLC? You can be the sole owner of your LLC (limited liabilitycompany) in all states except Massachusetts, which is expected to allow the formation of one-person LLC's in the future.

What are the differences between a limited liability company and a partnership? The main difference between an LLC and a partnership is that LLC owners are not personally liable for the company's debts and liabilities. This means that creditors of the LLC usually cannot go after the owners' personal assets to pay off LLC debts. Partners, on the other hand, do not receive this limited liability protection unless they are designated "limited" partners in their partnership agreement.

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Form a Limited Liability Company - Use links above. » This package includes Step by Step Instructions on How to Form a LLC, Articles of Formation, Operating Agreement, Resolutions and other forms for formation of a Limited Liability Company in your State.

LLC Operating Agreements » Operating Agreement for a Limited Liability Company. Make changes to fit your needs and add descriptionof your business.  Approximately 14 pages. Allows for vesting of management of the LLC in the members or in a designated manager.  If members select to manage the Company, this agreement also allows officers to be appointed.

LLC Member Certificates » Set of 20 Member Certificates for Non-Profit Corporation/Organization. Lithographed and imprinted. USorders only. Certificates will be imprinted with your corporation name and State of formation.  You simply complete the name of owner and ownership.

LLC Resolution Packages » This package contains over 15 LLC forms for use in connection with the operation of a LLC, including the following: (1) Notice of Meeting for General Purpose, (2) Resolution of Meeting for General Purpose, (3) Notice of Meeting to Amend Articles of Organization, (4) Resolution to Amend Articles of Organization, (5) Notice of Meeting to Consider Dissolution, (6) Resolution Regarding Dissolution, (7) Notice to admit new members, (8) Resolution concerning admitting new members, (9) Notice of Meeting Concerning Accepting Resignation of Manager, (10) Resolution accepting resignation of Manager, (11) Notice of Meeting to Remove Manager, (12) Resolution concerning removal of manager, (13) Notice of Meeting to Consider Disbursements to Members, (14) Resolution concerning disbursements, (15) Assignment of Member Interest, (16) Demand for Indemnity by Member/Manager and (17) Application for Tax Identification Number.

Dissolve Limited Liability Company » The dissolution of a LLC package contains all forms to dissolve a LLC or PLLC, step by step instructions, addresses, transmittal letters, and other information.

Change Registered Agent » Change of Registered Agent Package.

Professional LLC Formation » This package includes Step by Step Instructions on How to Form a LLC, Articles of Formation, Operating Agreement, Resolutions, and other forms for formation of a Professional Limited Liability Company for your State.

Other LLC Resolutions »Select from many resolutions.

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