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Selling your home is important. That's why we offer a Home Sales Package containing the forms you need. The package contains an Offer to Purchase, Contract for Sale, Disclosure Statements, Lead Paint Disclosure and more. Select your State.

Home Sales Contracts and Forms - Sell Legally and Prevent Disputes Forms Home Sales

A home sales contract is a vital document that must be properly drafted to meet legal requirements and protect the rights of the buyer and seller. Our property form packages and home sales contracts can save thousands in legal fees in a home for sale by owner (FSBO) or other contract for real estate transaction. US Legal Forms offers home sales contracts and purchase agreements in a home sale package, which includes the contracts you need to complete a home sale agreement. Our home contracts and packages contain state-specific sales home purchase agreement forms that have been professionally drafted to comply with the law in your state. We also have a vast catalogue of individual property forms, such a contract for sale or land contract, home purchase contract, power of attorney, promissory note, quitclaim deed, warranty deed, closing forms, and much more, all affordably priced and easy to complete. Some of the related forms we offer include:

  • Power of attorney - a power of attorney can be limited to a contract for real estate, to allow another to sign a home sale contract form or closing forms.
  • Promissory notes - promissory notes are used as evidence of the terms of a debt if there is a later dispute about payment.
  • Closing forms - closing forms are available for a contract of sale, including federal HUD and state-specific agreements.
  • Warranty deeds, quitclaim deeds, deeds of trust, and many other deeds - the filing of the deed makes the contract for purchase legal in the local land records.
  • Contract for deed - this is a home sales contract form used in a home for sale by owner in which the buyer doesn't receive the deed until all total payments made over time equal a specified amount. This type of home sales agreement form is also called a rent to own home sale form or land contract.
  • Real estate purchase contracts - the home sales packages offered by US Legal Forms contain real estate purchase contracts and sales agreements that are professionally drafted to comply with state law. Detailed terms are included regarding property taxes, insurance, warranties, closing costs, and much more.
  • For sale by owner (FSBO) sales agreements - a home sale agreement form is essential to protect the parties to a for sale by owner sales agreement or FSBO agreement.
  • Home purchase agreement - a home purchase agreement details the terms of a contract for sale. A home purchase form can be used in court as evidence if needed.
  • Agreement of sale contracts - a contract of sale is evidence of the transfer made in an agreement of sale. Sales agreements form a legally binding contract for sale, should another claim to have a contract for purchase.

Home Sales FAQs Contract For Selling A House Yourself

What home contracts or other property forms are needed for a home for sale by owner? Home Sale Contract

A home for sale by owner, also known as a FSBO, can be sold outright with a home sale form package or home sales contracts form, or an owner-financed home purchase contract can be created through contracts for deeds and promissory notes. A home contracts package provides property forms, such as a home purchase agreement form and the sales forms you need to sell a home for sale by owner. We also offer professionally drafted individual contract for real estate forms, including purchase contracts, sales forms, closing forms, seller disclosure forms, and more.

Do I need a power of attorney for home purchase agreements? Home Purchase Contract

A power of attorney for real estate may be used to have another sign a contract for real estate, home purchase form, promissory note, deeds, etc., when you are unavailable to sign for yourself. For example, if you are creating a contract for purchase of real property in another state, you can give a power of attorney to a local agent in order to complete the contract of sale without traveling to the other state. A power of attorney can be used to have another sign a promissory note, quitclaim deed or other deed, promissory notes, closing forms, and more.

Who pays closing costs, insurance, and property taxes in an agreement of sale for real estate? Selling House Contract

In a home sales agreement form, property taxes are typically prorated between the buyer and seller. The seller is typically required to carry insurance until the title is transferred. Closing costs can be negotiated in the contract for sale. However, there are certain state and federal laws that limit the amount of closing costs that may be passed to the buyer. For example, FHA loans limit seller contributions to closings costs to a maximum percentage.

What is the difference between a quitclaim deed and a warranty deed? Real Estate Home Sale

A quitclaim deed does not offer the warranties that the property is free from third party claims, and clear title isn't assured as in a warranty deed. A warranty deed includes warranties guaranteeing clear title to the buyer. A limited warranty deed, also called a special warranty deed, may offer only limited warranties by listing exceptions to warranties in the sale agreement about the property being free from encumbrances.

Is a land contract the same as a contract for deed? Forms For Selling A House Privately

The term land contract is often used to refer to a contract for deed. A land contract or contract for deed is a home sale agreement form that doesn't pass title to the buyer until a total amount has been paid, according to the terms in the home sale contract form. Often, a land contract is a home sales contract form used in home for sale by owner, or FSBO sales agreements.

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