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Download the form required by your state. Depending on the state, the templates may vary in components and requirements. All the needed state-specific forms are available on our website. Free law summaries are available for all states.

Horse Forms Package

Horse Forms Package

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Why use horse forms Horse Liability Waiver

Having a horse can be a serious investment. With horse forms and written agreements, you can protect your investment.

On top of that, someone who wants to own horses should search for, fill out and file the appropriate documentation to get ownership rights. There are three types of horse forms: for purchase, sale, and raising. Every time you plan to sell, buy, or transfer ownership of an animal, the correct document should be filed.

Common equine forms required for owning a horse Equine Legal Forms

There is a wide variety of printablehorse forms used for different purposes. The documents can be divided into several common types:

  • The horse bill of sale, also known as the equine bill of sale is needed to make a sale legally-binding. Additionally, it may be useful in case of a dispute for identifying who the true owner is, or for lineage questions. When buying a horse, you should think about the breed, available budget, location of the seller and the attitude of the animal. Also, it’s important to have a vet examination so you are aware of the horse’s health. Completing the bill of sale for horse is the final step in the purchasing and/or selling process.
  • The equine liability release form is also called the hold harmless agreements and waivers. It helps to regulate the rules around riding horses. For example, the rider agrees that horseback riding has numerous risks, and in case of an accident involving injuries, it takes all responsibility. The equine liability release is worth completing as it satisfies the “assumption of the risk”. By filing the equine liability waiver the person understands all the risks of riding a horse and in case of an injury will not have any insults to the owner. When filling out the document each possible way to sustain an injury should be listed. This is required since in most cases the person does not understand all possible dangers of riding. Most states have statutes regulating the information that should be included in this form.
  • The horse sale contract is an agreement about the transfer of the ownership rights from the seller to the buyer. In fact, it’s needed not only to document the agreement itself but also to mention all the animal’s health issues, previous injuries, etc. It can be supported by medical records. Also, the contract may include the price of sales commissions and who should pay them. Additionally, some states have taxes on the horse purchase. It’s very important that the contract states who is responsible for what costs associated with selling the horse. 

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Things to consider when preparing horse forms Horse Boarding Agreement

The processes of buying and selling horses as well as propagating them are very complicated. In order to avoid wasting time on mountains of paperwork, it’s better to complete equine legal forms digitally. All of them are available on US Legal Forms’s website and purchasing any of them will give you a template that you can reuse multiple times. The forms are easy to find, file, send for filling out, and signing to the other individuals. Buying equine forms online is the best way to stay organized and efficient when working with horses.

And having an electronic template on hand is great because it saves a lot of time usually spent on finding forms or talking with lawyers. Also, these forms help protect the horse and you in relation to the strict terms and state regulations.

FAQ Horse Boarding Contract Template

What is Equine Law? Movie Release Form

Equine law is the practice of laws specific to horses, horse related activities, industries or transactions.

What are horse forms? Sc Dmv Bill Of Sale Printable Form

The forms are designed for routine horse’s transactions and situations, whether you are buying, selling, leasing, breeding and boarding. They are not state-specific and can be used in any of the 50 U.S. states and the customer can specify which state laws will apply to them.

What equine forms do I need to buy a horse? Horse Lease Agreement

You need the animal’s medical examination and related medical forms, passport (if any), contract, and bill of sale. Having everything stated in the agreement helps to legally transfer the ownership rights and regulate payment procedures.

Can I use these forms to sell my equine breeding rights? Generic Horse Riding Release Form

Breeding rights can be transferred on a temporary basis without selling a mare. Also, it can go in combination with the sales contract. It’s better to clarify this point before selling, to avoid misunderstandings.

Why should I use online legal forms for buying or selling a horse? Equine Contracts

Using a professional document(s) is important for making a purchase legally-binding and for having official proof of ownership rights transferred properly. In case of a legal proceeding, having professional documents ready and organized is extremely important. 

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