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What is an Premarital Agreement? Obtain A Marriage License

A Premarital Agreement is simply a contract entered into by two people before getting married that specifies what is done with property or money in the event of a death or divorce.

What is a Postnuptial Agreement? Copy Of Marriage Certificate

A Postnuptial Agreement is the same type of agreement as premarital, but entered into after the marriage. An example of a postnuptial agreement could be one drafted to modify a prenup.

What legal documents need to be updated when I get married? Bio Data For Marriage Word Format

The first documents you will need to make sure you have and are updated after marriage is your Will, Living Will and Power of attorney for Healthcare. Even though these my default to you wife it will save you time and money to specify these in the event of an emergency.

What are the most popular forms used for a marriage? Marriage License Application Form

The most popular forms/packages are Wedding Planning or Consultant Package, Premarital Agreements Package, and Postnuptial Agreement Package.