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FAQ Common Law Marriage In Dc

What is an Premarital Agreement? 

A Premarital Agreement is simply a contract entered into by two people before getting married that specifies what is done with property or money in the event of a death or divoce.

What is a Postnuptial Agreement?

A Postnuptial Agreement is the same type of agreement as premarital, but entered into after the marriage. An example of a postnuptial agreement could be one drafted to modify a prenup.

What legal documents need to be updated when I get married? 

The first documents you will need to make sure you have and are updated after marriage is your Will, Living Will and Power of attorney for Healthcare. Even though these my default to you wife it will save you time and money to specify these in the event of an emergency.

What is a Divorce Agreement?

A divorce agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of a divorce. It is a written agreement between two spouses who have decided to end their marriage. This agreement typically addresses important issues like the division of property, child custody, child support, and spousal support. In the District of Columbia, a divorce agreement follows the laws and regulations set by the District of Columbia courts. It is important to consult with an attorney or seek legal advice to ensure that the agreement complies with the specific requirements and guidelines in the District of Columbia.

Step 1 – Provide Parties and Marriage Information

In Step 1 of getting married in the District of Columbia, you need to supply important information about both parties involved in the marriage. This means giving details like names, addresses, and dates of birth. You also need to provide information about any previous marriages or divorces. It's essential to be careful and accurate when submitting this information, as any mistakes may cause delays or issues. Offering clear and complete details will help ensure a smooth marriage process in the District of Columbia.

Petitioner and Respondent Information

In the District of Columbia, when someone files a legal case, they are known as the petitioner, and the person they are accusing or opposing is called the respondent. The petitioner is the one who starts the legal process by submitting their claims or arguments to the court, while the respondent is the one who has to respond and defend themselves against these claims. The petitioner and respondent's information, such as their names, addresses, and contact details, are important for the court to keep track of who is involved in the case. This helps the court ensure that both parties are properly notified about any hearings or decisions related to their case.

Marriage Date and Location

In District of Columbia, couples can choose to have their marriage date and location which is a special day to celebrate their love and commitment. They have the wonderful opportunity to tie the knot in this vibrant and historic district. From beautiful gardens and parks to stunning hotels and iconic landmarks, there are various options available to make their wedding day truly memorable. Whether they prefer an intimate ceremony or a grand affair, couples can find a perfect setting in District of Columbia to start their journey as a married couple.