Need to Get a Name Change?

Do you hate the name you were stuck with at birth? Did you just get married or divorced? The decision to change a name can be prompted by various motives. Sometimes it's tradition, such as a name change after marriage. Sometimes it's a desire to establish a personal identity, such as resuming a maiden name after a divorce, or giving a child a new surname after adoption. In other cases, it's a matter of red tape, such as needing a name change for social security card, passport name change, or DMV name change, because an inconsistency in records is causing headaches when presenting identification information. As long as your motives for wanting a new name change aren't improper, a name changing request will usually be granted.

Name Changing Process Facts

When changing a last name after marriage, you don't need to file the form for name change where the marriage took place. Where to change name after marriage is where the petitioner resides. The answer when asking where do you change your name always depends on the residence of the person who is getting the name change.

  • How to change the last name only is the same process as changing the forename and surname. There is no abbreviated name change process to just change last name only.

  • Passport change of name can be handled by mail when a court order is obtained. Name change on passport records without a court ordered name change must be handled in person.

  • Social security name change isn't automatic after marriage, a form with the court order needs to be submitted.

There are other places besides the DMV, Social Security Administration, and passport office that you may want to notify. A name change notification may be sent to a bank, school, employer, credit card company, tax authority, etc. US Legal Forms offers a notification package that can be used to establish your change of name with all relevant entities.

The name changing process can be handled fairly easily and at little expense if you know the steps to take and have the proper form for name change. Every state has its own laws for changing your name, which vary by state. US Legal Forms has a top quality, state-specific form to change name package that includes step-by-step instructions. Therefore, if you've been wondering how do you get a name change, it's now easier than ever.

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