How to Legally Change Your Name How To Change Name On Social Security Card

There are many reasons to want to change a name and it can be accomplished on your own at little cost, but it's essential your follow your state's name change laws. Each state has its own statutes for the name changing process, which vary by state. US Legal Forms offers a state-specific, top quality forms to change your name in your state, as well as name changing packages and notification packages. Some common reasons for needing a form to change name records include:

  • Passport name change - A passport change of name is important to make sure your identification cards display the proper identification when traveling out of the country. Name change on passport records can be accomplished by mail, rather than in person, when you have a court order.

  • Name change after marriage - A person often wants to know how to change the last name after marriage, due to adopting the spouse's last name.

  • DMV name change - A drivers license is often used to verify your identity with various entities, so it's important to notify the DMV of changing your name.

  • Name change for social security card - A social security name change requires an original or certified copy of the court order legal name change document.

We will examine the issues involved in changing a name below.

Where Do You Change Your Name? How To Change Your Name

The forms to change name must be filed at the civil courthouse where the person resides. If a parent is seeking a name change of a minor, the name change form needs to be filed where the child resides. Where to change name after marriage will depend on where you reside, not where you were married. After getting a name change order, a copy can be submitted to the appropriate entity, such as the DMV, bank, employer, credit card issuer, tax agency, Social Security Administration, school, passport agency, etc.

Reasons for Changing a Name Legally Change Your Name

Changing your name can be sought for many reasons, such as personal preference, adoption, or desire to change last name after marriage. The exact procedure will vary according to where you reside, but generally, the court will allow a name change as long as the motives are proper. In some states, a name change affidavit will be required, stating that the name changing process isn't being used to defraud creditors, conduct illegal acts, etc. The name sought shouldn't be considered obscene or confused with a famous or trademarked name. In the case of changing the name of a minor, the court will consider what is in the child's best interest.

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Tips for Preparing Name Change Forms to Change a Name

  1. Think about all the pros and cons of changing your name. Before initiating the entire process of a last name change and executing Name Change Forms to Change a Name, you need to bear in mind that it's important to maintain name consistency throughout your vital documents, such as your passport or social security card. Usually, it's an extremely time- and resource-consuming procedure. In certain scenarios, it's preferable to keep your old name if you wish to share the same surname with your kids after separation or divorce or for the sake of your career.
  2. Make sure you put together the proper set of papers. Depending on your scenario - be it marriage and divorce, or any other individual circumstances, you need to get all the necessary paperwork ready. For example, if you want to change your name after getting married, you’re required to get a couple of copies of the licensed marriage certificate and submission-ready documents. You will find Name Change Forms to Change a Name at US Legal Forms, the most extensive online collection of legal forms.
  3. Check the regulations associated with changing names in your state. The principles for name transition vary from one state to another. For example, in some states, a name change after divorce requires you to endure the hassle of filling out a lot of documents and other actions, whereas these steps are viewed unnecessary in other states. All you need to do is update the information in a variety of files. If you need to complete the Name Change Forms to Change a Name, consider US Legal Forms. It contains more than 85,000 forms drafted by legal experts and provides a variety of supporting resources to help you locate and fill out the papers properly.
  4. Don't use a change of name form to dodge issues with the law. You have the right to get or not to get your old name back for whatever reasons. However, if think about completing and filing Name Change Forms to Change a Name in order to avoid loan companies or spending money on your child's treatment, it may result in heavy fees and penalties or other implications.