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Selling or buying a car involves a lot of red tape, just as any other sale does. US Legal Forms provides users with an Automobile forms package that offers every form you need when purchasing a vehicle. Use the questionnaire below to get the package that suits your needs and state.
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Automobile Forms Description

A Bill of Sale is a document that confirms the sale of a vehicle and contains essential details such as car model, year of manufacture, etc. The document indicates two parties (Seller and Buyer) and their information (Name, Date of birth, Signature). You need to ask a notary to witness the signing process if you close a deal in Nebraska, Montana, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Louisiana, or Maryland.

A Promissory Note is a type of loan. If a buyer is ready to make a down payment and complete the car's purchase later, the seller prepares a promissory note. According to this document, the lender agrees to accept regular payments; in turn, a borrower gets a car. Each note has a specific term and fair monthly interest.

An Offer to Purchase is an agreement between a seller and a buyer with the intent to complete a transaction. Both parties enumerate the points that must be observed to sell the car in question in the agreement. In case of violation of the contract, the aggrieved party can apply to the court for compensation for the damage.

An Accident Release Form is a settlement agreement that enables parties to reach a solution without being involved in the legal system. If you get in a minor car accident, you can use this form to solve disputes and pay for the damages. The signed form guarantees that both aren't liable for injuries. The document needs to be signed by Releasor and Releasee.

A Lease Agreement is a contract that allows for the use of a vehicle without buying it. Typically, a car company leases a vehicle for monthly payments. A lessee takes liability for maintaining and fixing the car according to the contract. If one of the parties doesn't adhere to the terms, they’ll be penalized.

A Storage Agreement is used by those who have a car but will not use it anytime soon. If you are away for a few months or have got an old vintage car as inheritance, you need to figure out where to store it.

A Parking Agreement is a rent contract. This document is a convenient and affordable solution for those with a car but no place to park it. You can reach an agreement with your neighbor or any other owner who has a spare parking spot near your house. This document is often used by drivers who have several cars or live in crowded cities with limited parking slots. Usually, landlords use monthly contracts that need to be renewed. Read the document carefully before signing and inspect the parking space to make sure that the dimensions of your vehicle fit.


Is a bill of sale good enough to sell a car?

A bill of sale confirms that a car is handed over from one side to another. This document is generally more like a receipt; still, it doesn't guarantee a title transfer. Despite the recommendation to accompany transactions with this document, a bill of sale is not required in all states, such as Alaska or Michigan.

Do car dealerships take promissory notes?

Of course. Most people don't buy a vehicle right away when it's easier to get a loan. A seller can accept a promissory note as a buyer’s guarantor to pay later or in installments. To protect both parties, it's essential to use updated templates. Otherwise, the document could be invalid, and one of the parties can lose money.

When should you make a purchase offer on a car?

A successful deal is built on compromise. Once a seller and buyer have agreed to specific terms, they should create a purchase order including these terms. By signing the order, both parties give legally-binding consent to fulfill their obligations. In case of violation, the agreement is deemed invalid.

What is a vehicle accident release of liability form?

In case of a car accident, a vehicle accident release of liability form helps you settle everything without a court hearing. Of course, this form is only suitable for minor incidents. Plus, this trick is often used by scammers to lure money from innocent people. Therefore, more often, your insurance company takes on all the obligations for paperwork.

What is the disadvantage of leasing a car?

Car leasing enables almost everyone to drive a vehicle. However, this option has its drawbacks. Each dent and scratch will cost you a pretty penny because you need to return your automobile in the same condition as you took it. Plus, the more expensive the chosen car, the more you'll spend on tires and so on. Many have a mile limit, so plan ahead about where you’ll go if you don't want to get a fine. Finally, you can end up owing more than the vehicle costs.

What is vehicle storage?

Vehicle storage is a place where you can park your car for weeks/months if you don't want to use it. In a nutshell, this is a garage or outdoor area that can be rented. Depending on the size of your vehicle and its value, you can choose from outdoor parking spaces, indoor parking spaces, shared indoor units, or private indoor units.

What does a parking contract mean?

A parking agreement is a contract that allows a renter to park their vehicle somewhere for a fee. For example, you can park your motorcycle on a neighbor's property if they have a parking space but no car. It is essential to check your state's laws because some may only allow a monthly agreement.

Who owns a leased vehicle?

The owner is the company that has leased the vehicle. However, it doesn't mean a renter can evade all responsibility for the car. If an accident or loss occurs, the renter must restore the vehicle or compensate for the damage. The insurance company usually covers the cost.

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