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Forms regarding minors.

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What is a minor? Parental Consent Letter

A minor is a person who does not have the legal rights of an adult. A minor is usually defined as someone who has not yet reached the age of majority. In most states, a person reaches majority and acquires all of the rights and responsibilities of an adult when he or she turns 18. Until a minor reaches the legal age of adulthood, he or she may not be responsible for his/her own actions (including the capacity to enter into a contract which is enforceable by the other party), for damages for negligence or intentional wrongs without a parent being liable, nor for punishment as an adult for a crime.

Do I need to protect my minor child from any unforeseen legal issues? Parental Consent Forms

Yes, there are many legal issues your child could face before the age of 18. One of the main problems are identity theft of a minor. Minors can have their social security number taken just like any adult and be used to open bank loans, credit cards and other services. There are forms and packages available to help deal with creditors and government agencies if a minor’s identification is lost or stolen.

What are the most common forms used for minors? Minor Legal Name Change

The most popular forms are Protecting Minors from Identity Theft Package, International Travel Consent for a Minor, Power of Attorney of Care of a Minor Child or Children, Petition for Removal of Minority – Emancipation, and Waiver and Release from Liability for Minor Child for Pool.