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What is a Home Builder’s Warranty Agreement?

When a new construction home is completed by a home builder, the client should be confident that the manufacturer or seller they’ve hired will provide high-quality products and perform high-quality work. In the construction industry, client confidence becomes even more critical as the high standards expected of contractors directly impact safety. In such situations, warranty contracts come in handy.

A construction warranty is a legal document in which the contractor provides a covenant that guarantees to the client (homeowner) that they will perform all works following building codes and standards and project specifications without flaws or defects. Breaching such an agreement results in monetary recovery of related damages and costs for material replacement or reparation works to be carried out at the contractor's expense.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a US federal law enacted in 1975, regulates warranty contracts. It states that while not all products and services require written guarantees, if parties conclude one, then such an agreement must comply with the Act. This law aims to prevent manufacturers from misleading clients with inappropriate and unfairly made disclaimers on the guarantees.

Types of warranties

There are two general types of contractor warranty agreements:

  • Express warranty is a written or verbal guarantee from the seller that the purchased product is of a certain quality and that the seller can replace or repair it if there are any defects.
  • Implied warranty is a guarantee that the purchased product operates as it should.

Builders’ warranties operate under another classification because of industry specifics:

  • Time-based warranty is the contractor’s promise to provide a particular thing in a defined condition at a specified time (for example, to guarantee the construction is waterproof for a certain number of years).
  • General warranty is a guarantee to perform defined works according to the project blueprints and specifications without a time reference.

Preparing a new Home builder warranty To complete your paperwork correctly, use a verified home builder’s timely-based guarantee agreement from the US Legal Forms library. This multi-state editable and printable legal template requires you to fill out the following information:

  1. Name and contact details of the contractor and the buyer;
  2. Newly-constructed house description;
  3. List of items that are under builder’s guarantees (can be expanded);
  4. List of items the builder doesn’t take responsibility for (can be changed);
  5. Name of the state that will govern the agreement.

Service Agreement vs Warranty: Understanding the Key Differences What is a Service Agreement? A service agreement is a legal contract between a service provider and a customer that outlines the terms and conditions of the services being provided. It defines the scope of the services, the responsibilities of both parties, and the associated fees or charges. Service agreements are commonly used in various industries like technology, telecommunications, home services, and more. Types of Service Agreements: 1. Maintenance Service Agreement: This type of agreement typically covers ongoing maintenance and support services required for equipment, systems, or software. 2. Support Service Agreement: These agreements are focused on providing technical support or assistance to customers, addressing any issues or problems they might face. 3. Managed Service Agreement: Managed services involve outsourcing the management of certain functions or systems to a service provider. This agreement outlines the specific services that the provider will deliver. 4. Service Level Agreement (SLA): SLAs are part of a service agreement and define the performance targets, response times, and penalties for not meeting those targets. Service agreements are designed to protect both parties by clearly stating the obligations, expectations, and remedies in case of any disputes or breaches. They are typically more comprehensive than warranties, covering not only repairs but also ongoing support and maintenance. What is a Warranty? A warranty is a contractual promise made by a manufacturer or seller to the buyer, assuring that the product or service will meet certain quality standards and will be free from defects for a specified period. It provides consumers with peace of mind and recourse if the product or service fails to perform as advertised. Types of Warranties: 1. Manufacturer's Warranty: Also known as a limited warranty, it is provided by the manufacturer and generally covers defects in materials or workmanship under ordinary usage conditions. 2. Extended Warranty: This is an additional warranty beyond the standard manufacturer's warranty, usually offered at an extra cost. It prolongs the coverage period and may include additional benefits. 3. Implied Warranty: Implied warranties are automatically granted by law and can vary depending on the jurisdiction. They cover the basic expectation that a product or service will function as intended and be reasonably fit for its purpose. It's important to read and understand the terms and conditions of a warranty, as they often have specific limitations, exclusions, and conditions that need to be followed to claim any benefits. Difference between Service Agreement and Warranty: While both service agreements and warranties offer consumer protection, they differ in their focus and coverage. A service agreement primarily emphasizes ongoing service provision, including maintenance, support, or management, whereas warranties focus on product or service quality, addressing potential defects or malfunctions. Warranties are generally limited to a specific time period, whereas service agreements are often valid for a predefined duration or on a recurring basis. Service agreements tend to offer broader coverage, encompassing repairs, replacements, and ongoing support, while warranties generally focus solely on rectifying product defects. Ultimately, both service agreements and warranties aim to provide customers with peace of mind, outlining their rights and ensuring the quality and reliability of the products or services they acquire.

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How to fill out Building House Warranty?

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