Business Letter of Intent / School / Employment - Letter Of Intent

What is a Letter of Intent? Letter Of Interest

A letter of intent template, or LOI for short, is used to make forming a binding deal easier and less expensive. A sample letter of intent can also include clauses such as a nondisclosure agreement, exclusivity in negotiations, and good faith and fair dealing, to prevent competitive offers from ruining the prospective deal. A letter of intent sample can make sure the terms are understood clearly before investing time and money into making a binding contract, and help prevent disputes and litigation in the future.

How Do You Write a Letter of Intent? Letter Intent

The form of letter of intent will depend on the reason for its use. Letter templates should always be typed rather than handwritten, signed, and dated. It should be written in a detailed manner, so that it can be used as the basis for forming a contract down the road. US Legal Forms offers a sample for letter of intent for virtually any need, professionally drafted at an affordable price. Some popular types of business letter forms we offer include:

  • Letter of intent for business purchase - This can be presented to company management or legal counsel to get approval for a merger, acquisition, or other company action.
  • Letter of intent for real estate purchase - This is often required in large commercial real estate deals before a lender will commit resources into drawing up loan papers.
  • Sample letter of intent to hire - Both employers and applicants use a letter of intent in employment. When used by an applicant, a letter of intent serves the same purpose as a cover letter, and is submitted along with a resume to express interest in a job position and emphasize the strengths of the applicant.
  • Letter of intent for disabled person - This can be written to guardians, trustees, and/or the court to provide history, background information, records, and other guidance for use in making decisions regarding care and custody of a disabled adult or child.
  • A letter of intent example for schools - A letter of intent can be used in applying for a scholarship, such as a national letter of intent used by a student athlete to commit to a course of study in order to get an athletic scholarship.

The letter of intent template documents we offer can be easily downloaded in Word format and customized to fit your needs. We have the letter of intent sample forms professional trust.