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An administrative lawsuit is characterized by the fact that its purpose is to protect an individual’s public rights. The states represented by its state bodies and officials are a party to the case. Any person who considers his or her rights to have been violated may file a civil action complaint form. Practice shows that the majority of administrative cases involve contesting the decisions of the authorities.

In civil court, the administrative plaintiff must prove that such a decision violated their legal rights and interests and that the body will justify the legality of the decision.

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Documents you need for a civil action Lawsuit Complaint Example

Quite a few Americans are interested in how to start a case. It’s a very significant step, and therefore, many people make it easier by using samples of civil forms. 

Certain types papers are required when first filing a case: 

  • A civil complaint form. To initiate the process, you need to complete a complaint and file it with the appropriate court. The sheet itself indicates the rights of the applicant have been violated and the ability for the applicant to file a case.
  • A civil summons form. A summons to appear in court is served to the accused party and persons participating in a case; witnesses, experts, specialists, etc. It must be served in such a way that the persons summoned have sufficient time to prepare for court proceedings. It should not be presented later than three days before the hearing.
  • Сopies of evidence. You have to collect the facts about your case carefully before presenting them. Present evidence to the court that the defendant has committed the acts you’re accusing them of doing/not doing.
  • A copy of the act. If the authority or organization has made a decision that you’re contesting and that has caused you harm, you must have a document setting out the decision to go to court and the basic reasons you claim you’ve been harmed.
  • Witness evidence/testimonies. Statements or declarations made by witnesses are crucial judicial evidence in lawsuits. Proper preparation takes a lot of time and is best done by lawyers.
  • A copy of the diploma of the applicant's representative or the applicant himself (if the latter has a legal education). If you have a law degree, you can file the civil lawsuit form and represent yourself in court. But you have to be sure of your abilities. Otherwise, you need to involve a lawyer.
  • A notarized Power of Attorney of the representative. Remember that the Notary Public must notarize these kinds of documents. Only then they have legal force and can be used in a court case.

The documents you need to attach and what to include in the civil complaint form depends on the nature of the requirements and whether the actions of officials will be appealed in administrative proceedings. 

How to use our civil forms 1983 Civil Rights Complaint Form

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FAQ Lawsuit Template

What is a civil action? How Do You File A Lawsuit

A civil action is an action that is brought to enforce, redress or protect a private or civil right. It is noncriminal litigation. If the action is brought by a private person it is termed as private action. If brought by the government it is termed as a public action.

How does a civil action differ from a criminal action?  Example Of A Civil Complaint

Civil cases are related to private disputes between individuals or organizations. Defendants in a civilian court who lose a case must pay monetary compensation and cannot be sentenced to imprisonment, unlike defendants in a criminal trial.

How do I prepare a civil action lawsuit? What Is A Civil Action

The most essential thing is to only use legal forms to complete your complaint. You can easily find the exact state-specific template and attachments on US Legal Forms.

Why file civil action forms online? Civil Cover Sheet

Online templates help you save time and money. What's more, US Legal Forms provides legally valid and error-free samples for you to start using right away. You can quickly preview sheets and fill them in and send them to recipients instantly.

What are examples of civil actions? Example Of Civil Rights Violation

Examples of civil actions include, among others:

-Personal injury claims based on the negligent acts of others that cause harm to others, such as automobile accidents.

-Breach of contract actions, based upon the failure of a party to live up to the terms of a contract.

-Requests for injunctive relief, which ask the court to require an individual or entity to do or not do a specific action. It must be proven that without the injunction, harm will occur which cannot be remedied by money damages.

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