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 Possible Human Resource Management Strategies
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Human Resources Management (HRM) constitutes multiple functions like recruitment of right employees, conducting periodic training and refresher programs, drawing up schemes to monitor individual performance, introducing staff welfare measures, and maintaining relevant records. Apart from these routine tasks, the real challenge before Human Resource Management professionals is to evolve appropriate strategies and set meaningful goals aimed at future growth of the organization. As a whole Human Resource Management calls for an exclusive Project Management system which lays guidelines and policies for managing workforce effectively.

Formulating HR Strategies

Given todays scenario, most organizations expect HR management to play a larger role than merely executing routine HR functions. Human Resources management professionals, unlike other project Management professionals who are involved with a particular section of an organization, evolve coherent and practicable strategies to accelerate the companys overall business objectives. When developing strategies, HR professionals work against odds as commercial organizations are more focused on achieving profits than particularly concerned with employee well being. However, today HR professionals are developing schemes to actively involve all employees in strategic planning with the aim of making every employee productively contribute to the growth of the company. Individual employees no longer work in isolation but as part of a team to accomplish the companys objectives. HR managers are fully alive to the fact that any outside impression of an organization can be badly impaired by disgruntled employees and that can adversely impact company sales.

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