District of Columbia Essential Documents for the Organized Traveler Package

District of Columbia Essential Documents for the Organized Traveler Package
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District of Columbia
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This package contains forms essential for persons who travel. It is designed to assist in travel preparations, help minimize difficulties that may arise while traveling, and keep important information organized. Don't leave unprepared.

Included in your package are the following forms:

Traveler Information Form - This form allows the traveler to keep their important travel information on hand for easy reference, such as passport, itinerary, airline, hotel, car rental, and other information.

District of Columbia Statutory General Power of Attorney- General, Durable, Limited - This Power of Attorney is a statutory form which means it has been approved by the state legislature. It provides for the appointment of an attorney-in-fact for various matters, including property, finances, real estate, business, banking, litigation and many more options. You may use this form to create a "limited" power of attorney. There is also a provision to make the power of attorney "durable."

Will – Select the state specific will that best fits your personal profile.

Passport Application - This form is used to apply for a new passport, as opposed to renewal of an existing passport.

Passport Renewal Application - This form is used to renew an existing passport.

Pet Boarding Agreement - This form is an agreement between a pet owner and a pet boarder.

Travel Expense/Reimbursement Form - This form is used to request a reimbursement of funds used by an employee for business travel.

District of Columbia Statutory Power of Attorney for Healthcare - This form allows you to express your desires regarding healthcare treatment in the event that your physician determines that you have either a terminal illness, injury, or are in a state of permanent unconsciousness.

Babysitter’s Emergency Information Form - This form is an important tool to ensure the safety of your children while in the care of a babysitter. Vital contact, medical, and emergency information can be provided to easily reference if needed.

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