General Form of Civil Answer with Affirmative Defenses and Counterclaim

 General Form of Civil Answer with Affirmative Defenses and Counterclaim
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This form may be used to answer a civil complaint. Affirmative defenses may be asserted, along with a counterclaim. An affirmative defense is a type of defense in which the defendant seeks to avoid liability by introducing new evidence not addresses in the claims of the plaintiff's complaint. A counterclaim is made by the defendant to a civil proceeding, in a main action against the plaintiff or against the plaintiff and other people. This claim may be an attempt to offset or reduce the amount/implications of the plaintiff's original claim against the defendant, or it may be a different claim. Counterclaims are either compulsory or permissive. If the counterclaim is permissive, it may be brought, but no rights are waived if it is not. If the counterclaim is mandatory, it must be brought in the current action or it is waived. Under the United States Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, a counterclaim is compulsory if it involves only the parties currently part of the suit, and is from the same transaction that the original suit is based on. Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 13(a).

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