New Hampshire Landlord Tenant Sublease Package

New Hampshire Landlord Tenant Sublease Package
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This package contains essential legal documents to help you prior to and during the process of subleasing a rental property. It contains documents that are vital for addressing legal issues that may arise between a landlord, tenant and subtenant prior to or as a result of a sublease of a particular property.

The documents in this package include the following:

1) Application for Sublease
2) Letter from Tenant to Landlord -Landlord’s Refusal to Allow Sublease is Unreasonable
3) Letter from Landlord to Tenant- Sublease Granted, Rent Paid by Sub-Tenant, Old Tenant Released from Liability for Rent
4) Letter from Landlord to Tenant-Sublease Granted, Rent Paid by Sub-Tenant, but Tenant Still Liable for Rent and Damages
5) Letter from Tenant to Landlord Containing Request for Permission to Sublease
6) Sublease of an Apartment

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