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This package is an important tool for the promotion of athletic activities. A wide variety of forms is included, covering topics such as releases, agents, trainers, coaches, game hosting, and more. Purchase of this package is a savings of more than 50% over purchase of the forms individually!

Representation Agreement between Sports Agent and Athlete - A sports agent is a person who procures and negotiates employment and endorsement contracts for an athlete. In return, the agent receives a commission that is usually a percentage of the contract, although this figure varies. In addition to finding incoming sources, agents often handle public relations matters for their clients. In some large sports agencies, agents deal with all aspects of an athlete's finances, from investment to filing taxes.

Athletic Trainer Agreement - Independent Contractor - This is a contract between a sports team or franchise and an athletic trainer whereby the franchise employs the athletic trainer as an independent contractor.

Employment Contract Between Professional Sports Team and Coach - This form is a generic example of a contract between a Professional Sports Team and the Head Coach. It covers such issues as employment duties, term and renewal, compensation, ground for termination and more.

Student-Athlete Authorization/Consent for Disclosure of Protected Health Information to the National Collegiate Athletic Association for Monitoring and Research of Sports Injuries/Illnesses - The NCAA Injury Surveillance System (ISS), an ongoing surveillance database maintained by the NCAA. The ISS provides NCAA committees, athletic conferences and individual schools and NCAA-approved researchers with injury, relevant illness and participation information that does not identify individual athletes or schools. The data provide the Association and other groups with an information resource upon which to base and evaluate the effectiveness of health and safety rules and policy, and to study other sports medicine questions. This letter is meant to satisfy requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Agreement Regarding Employment of Student-Athlete in Accordance with College Compliance Program - The purpose of this agreement is to insure compliance with NCAA regulations regarding employment of a student-athlete who has an athletic scholarship with an NCAA member institution.

Acknowledgment of Risk and Hold Harmless Agreement of Student who Wants to Use College Recreation Center - A waiver or release is the intentional and voluntary act of relinquishing something, such as a known right to sue a person, educational institution, or organization for an injury. The term waiver is sometimes used to refer a document that is signed before any damages actually occur. A release is sometimes used to refer a document that is executed after an injury has occurred. A waiver can be an effective way for a person, educational institution, or organization to inform students, parents, event participants, and family members of the risks involved in various activities and to shield the person, educational institution, or organization from liability. When outside entities or organizations use an institution's facilities (such as a school's track or cross country course), the institution may try to limit its liability exposure by having participants sign a hold-harmless agreement. This document is a promise by one party not to hold the other responsible for any costs or claims that may result from a loss that results from the subject matter of the agreement.

Drug-Testing Consent for NCAA Division III Athletics - Intercollegiate student-athletes must sign a consent form in order to play college sports under the National Collegiate Athletic Association's policies.

State Soccer Tournament, Event Or Game Hosting Agreement - This form is a sample of an agreement for a state soccer tournament. It contains such information as tournament rules, liability insurance, referees, field marshals, spectator lines, game and tournament behavior, and much more.

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