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Description Motion To Seal Court Records Missouri

A motion to seal is a formal request that is submitted to the court to prevent evidence and transcripts related to a specific court case from being available to the general public. An attorney who is licensed to practice in the jurisdiction where the case is heard usually initiates a motion of this type, although many jurisdictions will allow private citizens to file the motion through a court clerk. A court request to seal records is common in many situations, especially when the welfare of a minor could be adversely impacted if the court records were made readily available to the general public.

Most jurisdictions have specific laws and procedures regarding the motion to seal. While processes vary, it is not unusual for a court to require that specific documents be filed with the court clerk before a judge will consider the request to seal the records connected with a given case. Some jurisdictions require that a waiting period must take place between the date that the case is settled and the records are officially sealed. In other situations, the records are sealed as soon as the judge grants the request.

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