Retainer Agreement for Virtual Assistant Services

 Retainer Agreement for Virtual Assistant Services
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A virtual assistant is like a personal secretary. They provide customer support, write, answer calls, transcribe, do research, etc. They basically work at home and communicate with their Employer through the Internet or through phone. One method many companies take to maximize the likelihood of having a positive experience in retaining a virtual assistant is by going through a virtual staffing agency. These virtual staffing agencies operate similarly to conventional staffing agencies. When setting up the structure of a virtual assistant business, the owner must decide how he or she will collect the money earned for the services performed.

Traditional Invoicing/Net 30 Days  If the virtual assistant does a lot of work for larger corporate clients, she may find that her clients will only do business with her if she extends Net 30 Day terms. With this arrangement, the virtual assistant will issue an invoice at the specified time periods or at the end of a project, whatever is agreed to prior to starting the project.

Traditional Invoicing/Due Upon Receipt  Issuing the purchase order or having an agreement where the terms are Due Upon Receipt will help the virtual assistant to get paid much quicker. Just like Net 30 Day terms, the virtual assistant will send an invoice at specified times or at the end of the project and wait for the company to send a check.

Credit Card Payment  The virtual assistant can set-up a merchant account and collect payment from the client using a credit card. An invoice will usually still need to be given to the client, but payment can be processed immediately at specified times. The virtual assistant can keep the clients credit card number on file and charge it as soon as a project is completed and the invoice is approved. Credit card payments can also be processed through PayPal without setting-up a merchant account.

Retainer  Many virtual assistants collect a retainer from their clients. Often a discount is given when the client agrees to a certain number of hours of work per month charged if it is used or not. Since the client has already paid, they will most likely use the time, however, this is a nice way for the VA to estimate how much he or she will work in a month because the client as already committed to a certain number of hours.

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