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Description Prenuptial Marriage Agreement

This package can be used by persons who have been previously married, or by persons who have never been married. It includes provisions regarding the contemplated marriage, assets and debts disclosure and property rights after the marriage. The forms describe the rights, duties and obligations of prospective parties during and upon termination of marriage through death or divorce.

These forms are often used by individuals who want to ensure the proper and organized disposition of their assets in the event of death or divorce. Among the benefits that prenuptial agreements provide are avoidance of costly litigation, protection of family and/or business assets, protection against creditors and assurance that the marital property will be disposed of properly.

Included in your package are the following forms:

1. Prenuptial Premarital Agreement without Financial Statements;

2. Amendment to Prenuptial or Premarital Agreement;

3. Financial Statements only in Connection with Prenuptial Premarital Agreement;

4. Revocation of Premarital or Prenuptial Agreement

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How to fill out Az Premarital Agreements?

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  2. Check out its validity where you live.
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Premarital Agreement

Get a complete Premarital Agreement package online with US Legal Forms. Tell us a few details and receive professionally drafted templates that suit your state and circumstance.

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Az Married Marriage