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This Notice of Default in Payment of Rent Non-Residential 7 Day Notice is used by a Landlord to demand payment of overdue rent from a non-residential tenant within 7 days from giving the Notice, in accordance with the laws of your state. (Note: If a written agreement provides for a longer notice, use the notice length stated in the agreement). "Non-Residential" includes commercial, industrial, etc. property. If the Tenant fails to pay within 7 days, the lease may be considered terminated by the Landlord. The Tenant is informed that the Tenant must either pay the rent or suffer possible termination. If he does not pay, the Landlord may begin eviction proceedings. If the Landlord does not elect to proceed with termination or eviction, but instead agrees to accept rent after the termination date stated in the Notice, the lease is generally reinstated. For additional information, see the Law Summary.

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Alaska Notice 7 Day