Bid Forms FAQ

What is a bid?

Bidding is common practice in selling at retail in some sectors, especially construction services. Roof-replacements, new windows, new gutters, and siding are sold to the homeowner directly usually in a competitive environment by presenting quotes. The careful buyer will obtain at least three bids before selecting the supplier.

The competitive bidding process is used to procure services for all types of government contracts. A public notice is posted soliciting bids for a particular good or service, and there are guidelines and deadlines for submitting qualifying bids. In this manner, government entities may seek to balance cost considerations against ethical considerations in the award of contracts, to avoid charges of discrimination, improper payments, and conflicts of interest.

Why are bids used?

Contractors want o be sure the terms of the service or product offered is clear to both parties. A competitive edge is gained by a professional looking bid. Construction bids are an offer to provide construction services at a certain price and time. Many government projects are required to solicit bids so that contracts are awarded on a fair and competitive basis. Using a bidding process can lessen the charges of discrimination or conflicts of interest in the awarding of public contracts. The bid submitted must conform to the applicable requirements of content, form, and timeliness in order to be considered.

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