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The acknowledgments on this page are available Free.  Many of our forms already have acknowledgments. However, these are available for you to use on any form.  See About Acknowledgments for more information.  Using the incorrect acknowledgment may cause an otherwise valid form to be invaild for the intended purposes. All use subject to our Disclaimer and License.


Armed Forces Acknowledgment



What is an "acknowledgment"? An acknowledgment is a declaration made before a duly qualified public officer (as a notary public) by a person who has executed an instrument that the execution was the person's free act and deed.

When is an acknowledgment used? Most commonly, acknowledgments are used in land transaction documents which must be recorded, although there are a myriad of other uses for acknowledgments in legal filings.

Are all acknowledgments the same? Acknowledgments differ from state to state.  Even within the same state, there may be several different variations of acknowledgments, each with a special application.