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This package is designed to assist in the efficient operation of an accounting business. Forms provided cover a wide variety of issues involved with the effective promotion of an accountant and management of accounting matters. Purchase of this package is a savings of more than 50% over purchase of the forms individually!

The following forms are included in this package:

Order Authorizing Debtor in Possession to Employ Accountant An Order is an official written statement from the court commanding a certain action, and is signed by the judge. Failure to comply with the order is unlawful and may result in contempt of court charges. This document, a sample Order Authorizing Debtor in Possession to Employ Accountant, can be used as a model to draft an order requested for submission by the court (the court often directs a party to draft an order). Adapt the language to the facts and circumstances of your case.

Contract with Accountant to Audit Corporation's Group Medical, Disability, and Life Insurance Program - Generally, a contract to employ a certified public accountant need not be in writing. However, such contracts often call for services of a highly complex and technical nature, and hence they should be explicit in their terms, and they should be in writing. In particular, a written employment contract is necessary in order to avoid misunderstanding with the employer regarding the amount of the accountant's fee or compensation and the nature of its computation.

Resume for Accountant This is a sample of a resume, which should be used when seeking a position as an accountant.

Model Letter Accountants To Auditors This sample letter is a response by an accounting firm to a request for information from auditors.

Report of Independent Accountants after Audit of Financial Statements - As most commonly used in legal settings, an audit is an examination of financial records and documents and other evidence by a trained accountant. Audits are conducted of records of a business or governmental entity, with the aim of ensuring proper accounting practices, recommendations for improvements, and a balancing of the books. An audit performed by employees is called "internal audit," and one done by an independent (outside) accountant is an "independent audit." Auditors may refuse to sign the audit to guarantee its accuracy if only limited records are produced.

Report of Independent Accountants after Review of Financial Statements - A limited review of financial statements is an audit restricted to an examination either for a limited period or of a limited part of the records. A review does not contemplate obtaining an understanding of the entitys internal control; assessing fraud risk; tests of accounting records by obtaining sufficient appropriate audit evidence through inspection, observation, confirmation, or the examination of source documents (for example, cancelled checks or bank images); and other procedures ordinarily performed in an audit. Accordingly, a review does not provide assurance that we will become aware of all significant matters that would be disclosed in an audit. Therefore, a review provides only limited assurance that there are no material modifications that should be made to the financial statements in order for the statements to be in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.

Resume Cover Letter for Accountant This is a sample of a cover letter. This particular letter is to accompany the resume of an individual seeking a position as an accountant.

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