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A lawyer may withdraw from representing a client so long as it can be accomplished without material adverse effect on the client's interests. Specific grounds that may require termination of the relationship by the attorney include, but are not limited to:

" a client's persistent criminal and fraudulent activity;
" the use of the lawyer's services to perpetuate a crime or fraud;
" a client's actions that the attorney considers repugnant or imprudent;
" a client's failure to fulfill a substantial financial or other obligation that the attorney has previously warned the client could lead to attorney withdrawal; or
" an irreparable breakdown of the attorney-client relationship due to the client's difficult behavior.

Of course, if the matter handled by the attorney is in litigation, the attorney must seek the entry of an order permitting his withdrawal or substitution of other counsel.

An attorney has an obligation when he terminates the relationship to allow reasonable time to secure other counsel, to return all of the client's papers and property, and to refund all fees and costs not earned by the attorney.

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