Missouri Probate Insolvency Letter To Creditor

 Notice to Creditors of an Insolvent Estate
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Description Insolvent Estate

Almost every state has special statutory methods for the administration of insolvent estates. These statutes vary widely from one jurisdiction to another. Creditors of an insolvent estate generally have greater rights than creditors of solvent estates. For example, each creditor may have the right to be heard in opposition to claims of other creditors against the estate. If a creditor's opposition is successful, he or she thereby increases the amount available to pay his or her own claim.

Claims of creditors against an insolvent estate are general be paid pro rata. It is a breach of duty for a representative of an insolvent estate to prefer some creditors over others of the same class. Of course, if statutory preferences or priorities exist, payment of claims must be made accordingly.

Some jurisdictions do not have special statutory methods for the administration of insolvent estates. Some have statutory provisions only on particular phases of administration, for example, provisions prescribing the order in which debts of an insolvent estate are to be paid. Accordingly, in many cases the forms in other divisions of this title may be used, with appropriate modifications, in the administration of such an estate.

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