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This package contains the forms that are necessary for minors or minors' parents to effectively deal with creditors and government agencies after the minor's identification is lost or stolen. This package is designed to clear a minor's name, and reduce a minor's or the minor's parent's time and expense in dealing with identity thieves. The forms in this package are essential to assist in remedying and protecting a minor's credit, financial assets, and job opportunities, as well as preventing misuse of benefits, false arrests, and other fraudulent uses of a minor's identification. The documents in this package include the following:

1) Federal Trade Commission Affidavit Regarding Identity Theft;
2) Letter to Credit Reporting Company or Bureau Regarding Identity Theft of Minor;
3) Letter to Creditors Notifying Them of Identity Theft of Minor;
4) Letter to Creditors Notifying Them of Identity Theft of Minor for New Accounts;
5) Letter Notifying Law Enforcement of Identity Theft of Minor;
6) Letter Notifying Postal Authorities of Identity Theft of Minor;
7) Letter Notifying Social Security Administration of Identity Theft of Minor;
8) Letter Notifying Other Entities of Identity Theft of Minor;
9) Identity Theft Contact Table;
10) Identity Theft Checklist for Minors;
11) Guide for Protecting Minors from Identity Theft;
12) Letter of Request for Credit Report of Minor; and
13) Letter to Report False Submission of Information.

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