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This package is an important tool to promote and protect the interests of those involved in the photography or modeling business. Forms included cover a wide variety of issues, such as contracts for production and sale of photographic works, releases, assignments, and more.

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Photography and Modeling Package
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What is Photography Law? Photography Contract

Photography is another topic that falls under the copyright laws put in place to protect one’s work from being copied. Copyright is defined as a legal property right that photography falls under by the Federal Copyright Act of 1976 from the moment a photographer “creates” a photo.

Does a person have to give notice of Copyright? Photography Form

What is Photography Law? Is Street Photography Legal

The notice of a copyright is no longer required, however there is a benefit. Once a person gives notice of a work, then that informs public that the work is protected by copyright, shows the copyright owner and the year of first publication.

What are the benefits of registering copyright for my photography work? Photography Pdf

Once registered you have an easier way of filing a law suit against someone who has infringed upon your work. Also, registering can put your work into the public record so that it will automatically takes away any defense someone might have if they try to claim they didn’t know. Lastly, the great benefit is that the damages and attorney’s fees are paid once copyright has been registered for a piece of work that was infringed upon.

Am I able to give my copyright? Photography Application

All owner’s rights or any subdivision rights can be transferred as long as the transfer is in writing and signed by the owner of those rights or by an authorized agent of the owner.

What are the most common photography forms? Photography Document

The most popular photography forms are Photography Release and Authorization to Photograph, Photography Release by Model and Authorization to Photograph, Assignment of Rights, Consent to Publication and Release – Use of Photographs or Photography, Photograph License Agreement, and Permission to Utilize Property for a Motion Picture or Photography Shoot.