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Over 30 years ago, there was been an even greater concentration on all the patent issues in America, because of the disarray of not upholding the validity of patents 25 years prior to 1982. This concentration made way for the Reagan administration to advocate a federal appellate court for all patent appeals from district courts and also the U.S. Patent Office (USPTO). We also provide many forms for patent legal needs.

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This is a trademark and copyright package. This Trademark and Copyright Package provides state-specific patent resources.

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What is a patent? Apply For A Patent

A patent is a privilege given to the inventor that gives him/her the ability to make, use or sale an invention for a certain period. However, the given requirements of a patent involve patentable subject matter, utility, novelty, no obviousness and enablement. You must have a sound invention that shows issues with other inventions before itself.

When do I need a patent? Patent Example

U.S. patent laws were enacted by Congress under its Constitutional grant of authority to protect the discoveries of inventors. To be patented an invention must be novel, useful, and not of an obvious nature. Patents are issued for four general types of inventions/discoveries: machines, human made products, compositions of matter, and processing methods. Patents grant an inventor the right to exclude others from producing or using the inventor's discovery or invention for a limited period.

What are the most common forms used for patents? Patent Applications

The most popular forms used are USLF Multistate Patent and Trademark Law Handbook – Guide, Assignment of Copyright, Patent License Agreement, Exclusive Trademark License Agreement, and Nonexclusive Trademark License Agreement.