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What is legal notice?

Notices in a broad legal sense, are used to communicate rights and responsibilities to an interested party. Legal notices take a wide variety of forms. For example, in some cases they are printed information containing terms and conditions regarding the use of a product or service that the user is deemed to accept by use of the same. Many notices are communicated for due process reasons, in order to give the noticed party an opportunity to exercise their rights prior to action being taken.

When are notices required?

Legal notices contain information about public hearings, court actions, bids and proposals, foreclosures, unclaimed property, liens, zoning notices, and much more. Some legal notices are required to be published by court order, which sets forth requirements for circulation rates of the publication and duration of the notice's publication.

Other notices will be governed by the laws governing the subject matter involved. For example, each state has statutes governing the notice required to terminate a tenancy. In further example, other statutes govern notice to a homeowner of a contractors right to place a lien on the home.

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