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Wisconsin 14 Day Notice to Terminate Year to Year Lease for Default in Payment of Rent for Second Time in One Year - Residential
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This 14 Day Notice to Terminate Year to Year Lease for Default in Payment of Rent for Second Time in One Year form is used by a Landlord to terminate a residential year-to-year lease due to Tenant's second failure to pay rent in the past 12 months. Residential includes a house, apartment or condo. Tenant is not allowed to pay the rent after service of this Notice, but rather must vacate the premises within 14 days. (Landlord may always accept a tender of payment and agree not to terminate the Tenant, in which case the lease is reinstated- but Landlord does not have to accept this payment if tendered, and can insist on Tenant's eviction.) For additional information, see the Law Summary link.

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