New Jersey Paternity Law and Procedure Handbook

New Jersey Paternity Law and Procedure Handbook
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Across the United States each year, a large percentage of children are born to unmarried parents. State law requires the father to support the child financially, but sometimes the father is hesitant to officially acknowledge paternity of the child. This Paternity Laws and Procedures Handbook provides state-specific paternity resources for establishing paternity, and discusses the relevant law and procedures in a general, and easily understood manner. A law summary of the paternity laws in your state is provided. Voluntary paternity establishment and paternity establishment through court action are discussed, as is the genetic testing that the court may order to confirm paternity in doubtful cases. Reading this Handbook will allow you to go forward in the paternity establishment process with the confidence of knowing what to expect at each turn, and provide you with the points of contact in your state for the people and resources that can help you and your child succeed.

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