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Description Life Documents

The Legal Life Documents Personal Planning Package contains essential life documents, information on how to organize life documents and other products. The documents in this package are State Specific.

This package contains the following forms:

1. Last Will
2. General Durable Power of Attorney
3. Arizona Health Care Power of Attorney
4. Mental Health Care Power of Attorney
5. Statutory Living Will
6. Estate Planning Questionnaire and Worksheets
7. Personal Planning Information and Document Inventory Worksheets

Detail Information on each form:

1. Last Will - Complete this form to detail in writing your wishes regarding who is to receive your property at death and who will administer your estate. It also enables you to appoint trustees or guardians, if applicable.

2. General Power of Attorney for Property and Finances Effective Immediately - This General Durable Power of Attorney is a general, durable power of attorney which is effective IMMEDIATELY. The powers granted to an Agent in this Power of Attorney are very broad. This Power of Attorney does NOT provide for health care services. This form complies with all applicable state statutory laws.

3. Health Care Power of Attorney - This Statutory Power of Attorney for Health Care form gives the person acting as your agent, the authority to make any and all health care decisions for you in accordance with your wishes when you are no longer capable of making them yourself.

4. Mental Health Care Power of Attorney - Statutory Form - This is a statutory form that is provided for in the Arizona Statutes.

5. Statutory Living Will - This Statutory Living Will form allows you to express your wishes and desires if it is determined that your death will occur whether or not life-sustaining procedures are utilized and where the application of life-sustaining procedures would serve only to artificially prolong the dying process. It is a declaration that such procedures be withheld or withdrawn, and that you be permitted to die naturally with only the administration of medication or the performance of any medical procedure deemed necessary to provide you with comfortable care.

6. Estate Planning Questionnaire and Worksheets - This Estate Planning Questionnaire and Worksheet is for completing information relevant to an estate. It contains questions for personal and financial information. You may use this form for client interviews. It is also ideal for a person to complete to view their overall financial situation for estate planning purposes.

7. Personal Plannng Information and Document Inventory Worksheets - This form enables you to document matters relevant to your life and personal planning such as the location of your important legal documents, relatives names, contact information, medical information, financial asset inventory and more.

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How to fill out Documents Living Template?

If you're searching for precise Arizona Life Documents Planning Package, including Will, Power of Attorney and Living Will templates, US Legal Forms is what you need; find documents created and examined by state-accredited legal professionals. Benefiting US Legal Forms not just keeps you from problems concerning lawful documentation; additionally, you conserve time and effort, and money! Downloading, printing out, and submitting a proficient form is really more affordable than inquiring a legal professional to do it for you.

To begin, complete your sign up process by providing your e-mail and creating a secret password. Stick to the steps below to create your account and get the Arizona Life Documents Planning Package, including Will, Power of Attorney and Living Will template to remedy your circumstances:

  1. Use the Preview tool or see the file description (if available) to make sure that the template is the one you require.
  2. Examine its applicability where you live.
  3. Simply click Buy Now to make an order.
  4. Choose a recommended pricing program.
  5. Make your account and pay with your visa or mastercard or PayPal.
  6. Go with a convenient file format and store the document.

And while, that is it. In a couple of easy clicks you own an editable Arizona Life Documents Planning Package, including Will, Power of Attorney and Living Will. When you make an account, all upcoming orders will be worked up even simpler. If you have a US Legal Forms subscription, just log in account and click the Download button you see on the for’s page. Then, when you need to use this blank again, you'll constantly manage to find it in the My Forms menu. Don't waste your time checking numerous forms on several platforms. Get precise documents from one secure platform!

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Personal Planning Package

Save money and take responsibility by getting your state-specific Personal Planning Package from US Legal Forms. Simply answer a few questions, and instantly download the appropriate forms for your use case.

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