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The USLF divorce packages contain specific information, detailed instructions, step by step guide and access to all forms needed for filing for divorce in Oklahoma.  Uncontested divorces only.  Free Previews available.

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Package 1 - Oklahoma No-Fault or Uncontested Divorce - No Children
» Instructions, Steps and Forms.

Package 2- Oklahoma No-Fault or Uncontested Divorce - Adult Children
 »Instructions, Steps and Forms

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Oklahoma Separation Agreements
» If you only need a separation agreement at this time, use this link to select the agreement that meets your situation.  There are many for each situation.  A separation agreement is included in the packages above.

Oklahoma Divorce Worksheet
» May be used for uncontested or contested divorce.  Walk into your lawyer's office with this completed and you will save hundreds in attorney time and fees.

Wills for Divorced Persons
» Before or after divorce you should consider making or changing your Will.  There are hundreds of cases where a soon to be x-spouse or even a divorced person received all property of their X.

All Oklahoma Divorce Forms
» This link includes all packages and all single forms available, including contested divorce forms.

Oklahoma Divorce Information and FAQ Cheap Divorce In Oklahoma

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Tips for Preparing Oklahoma Divorce Forms and Information

  1. Carefully choose a state to file for dissolution of marriage. Some states offer more beneficial conditions for a divorcing person in comparison with others regarding laws, simplicity of filing, and costs. Nevertheless, before preparing Oklahoma Divorce Forms and Information, you need to verify whether you meet the residency requirements of the respective state. Also, it’s important to take into account that if you file for divorce first in the selected state, this state usually takes jurisdiction over the legal procedures.
  2. Research your financial situation and outstanding debts. To actually obtain your fair share after your dissolution of marriage, you need to know better what both you and your partner owe and own mutually and independently. The court requires both parties to reveal where a couple is financially and submit these details along with other divorce documents.
  3. Plan funds and property division and child custody with your partner in advance. Providing you come to a mutual agreement concerning everything, you can indicate it in the marital resolution agreement and move forward with an uncontested divorce. It’s far less costly and more peaceful compared to a contested. You can find all the needed documents, such as Oklahoma Divorce Forms and Information required for an uncontested divorce in the US Legal Forms catalog.
  4. Start collecting divorce papers. The dissolution process is initiated as soon as you submit the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Depending on your situation, you might need to add more documents down the road. You can find the required divorce paperwork and educational materials on creating Oklahoma Divorce Forms and Information using US Legal Forms and its straightforward purchase option. Based on your responses, the system will put together the state- and case-specific papers for you.

What is a Divorce Agreement?

A divorce agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions for ending a marriage. It is a written agreement between both spouses, and it covers various aspects like division of property, child custody, child support, and spousal support. In the state of Oklahoma, a divorce agreement follows the laws and regulations specific to that state. It ensures that the divorce process is fair and equitable, protecting the rights and interests of both parties involved. The divorce agreement in Oklahoma aims to establish a clear plan for the future and provide closure to the marriage, allowing both individuals to move forward separately.

Step 1 – Provide Parties and Marriage Information

Step 1 in Oklahoma is all about providing parties and marriage information. This means sharing details about the individuals involved in the marriage, such as their names, addresses, and contact information. It also includes sharing important information about the marriage itself, like the desired wedding date and location. By providing this necessary information, the parties involved can begin the process of legally getting married in Oklahoma.

Petitioner and Respondent Information

In Oklahoma, when someone wants to file a case in court, they are called the petitioner. The petitioner is the person who starts the legal process by submitting a written request to the court explaining their side of the story or the issue they want the court to resolve. On the other hand, the person who is being sued or responding to the petitioner's request is called the respondent. The respondent receives the written request and has the opportunity to provide their own version of events or defend themselves against the petitioner's claims. Both the petitioner and the respondent play important roles in presenting their arguments and evidence to the court to help determine the outcome of the case.

Marriage Date and Location

The date and location of marriage in Oklahoma refers to the specific day and place where a couple officially ties the knot. It signifies the starting point of their married life and is usually a special and memorable occasion. In simple terms, it's when two people come together legally, making a commitment to spend their lives together. This takes place in Oklahoma, a state in the United States.