Distributorship Forms - Estate Distribution Letter Template

Distributorships are business entities whereby a sum of money is invested to own or operate a business from a parent company. See free previews and download over 36,000 forms at USlegalforms.com, your online source for legal forms; the forms professionals trust.

General Distribution Estate Assets

Legitimate distributorships and franchises can be profitable forms of business enterprise. Examples include fast-food franchises and new car dealerships, which offer great opportunities to those willing to invest substantial amounts of money and time to operate such businesses. Distribution agreements may include clauses related to trademarks, sales quotas, liability for damage in transit, licensing, promotion of product sales, and other issues.

Relevant legal forms include:

  • Distributorship and Marketing Agreement
  • Distributorship Contract
  • Guaranty by Distributor to Corporation of Payment of Distributorship Funds by Assignee Due to Assignment
  • Letter - Proposal for Sole Distributorship