Church Forms - Church Forms

This package contains forms essential for effective and legal handling of church related transactions. The forms included deal with matters such as employment, donations, church functions, and more.

Church Legal Documents Package

This is a Church Legal Doecuments Package. Purchase of this package is a savings of more than 50% over purchase of the forms individually!

What is Church Law?

Church law in the United States give separation of Church and State. This means that neither federal nor state government can provide for only one or all religions or give preference in the same way. This was based in the Establishment Clause and is a part of the First Amendment in the United States Constitution.

What can I use Church forms for?

There are many church organizations or events that require legal paperwork to conduct employment, transactions and more. Most popular forms used are Sample Letter for Removal of Membership from Church, Sample Letter for Church Fundraiser Request Letter, Waiver and Release From Liability for Minor Child for Overnight Church Function, Waiver and Release From Liability For Adult for Church Function and many more.