Asset purchase agreements are typically used when one business enters into an agreement to purchase all or part of the assets of another business. The purpose of the asset purchase agreeement is to specify the terms of the sale, the specific assets purchased, and to define the rights and liabilities of each party to the transaction. US Legal Forms has a variety of asset purchase agreements, one of which is sure to meet your needs. Simply select your state and choose the correct asset purchase agreement for your situation.

What is typically included in an asset purchase agreement? Asset Purchase Agreement Checklist

Generally, an asset purchase agreement will contain the following terms:

  • The identification of the specific assets being purchased

  • What assets are excluded from the sale

  • The terms of the sale

  • The purchase price

  • Specific information regarding the assumption of liabilities by the purchaser

  • Date of closing including any conditions imposed upon the parties at closing

  • Warranties of purchaser

  • Warranties of seller

  • Terms of delivery of purchased assets