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Our bail bond forms are useful for bondsmen contracting to post bail in return for guarantees of repayment from the friends or family of jailed persons.

Bail is the money a defendant pays as a guarantee that he or she will show up in court at a later date. For most serious crimes a judge or magistrate sets bail during an arraignment, or in federal court at a detention hearing.

The Constitution of the United States directs that "excessive bail shall not be required." Amend. art. 8.

For minor crimes bail is usually set by a schedule which will show the amount to be paid before any court appearance (arraignment). For more serious crimes, the amount of bail is set by the judge at the suspect's first court appearance. The purpose of bail is to guarantee the scheduled appearance of the defendant in court. While the Constitution guarantees the right to reasonable bail, a court may deny bail in cases charging murder or treason, or when there is a danger that the defendant will flee or commit mayhem. In some traffic matters the defendant may forfeit the bail by non-appearance since the bail is equivalent to the fine.

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