This package includes essential forms for defining the rights and obligations of an author and publisher of written and/or electronic works and preventing future disputes. The forms included are designed to handle the potential issues that may arise in a wide variety of transactions.

Legal Documents Package for Authors and Publishers

This is a Authors and Publishers Package. Purchase of this package is a savings of more than 50% over purchase of the forms individually!

Popular Author and Publisher Forms Cremation Authorization Form

What are Author Laws? Authorization Forms

Author laws fall under the copyright laws to give legal rights over their own expressive work. There are different types of artist that are considered authors like writers, programmers, choreographers, and translators that need legal protection from having their work copied and cause credit taken away from them. Now, some people are hired to work for an employer, this may cause the employer to actual own rights to the work and be considered the “author”.

What are copyright laws? Authorization Letter Template

These are legal protections made to give ownership to the actual original author of a creative work under constitutional law. This law covers published and unpublished works. The work needs to be registered if you must make a lawsuit for infringement, or your work will not be protected by you being the original creator.

What forms can an Author use? Publisher Templates

There are many popular forms that can be used for Authors. These forms include Agreement between Publisher and Author of a Book to Publish a Book, Notice of Intent to Sue Publisher for Libel, Agreement Between Publisher and Author, Sales Representative Agreement for Manufacturer of Computer Hardware and Software, or Marketing and Distribution Agreement between Publishers Group West, Inc. and Total Sports, Inc.