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Top Tips for a Waiver of Liability Form

A waiver of liability form is a simple and inexpensive way to protect your assets and avoid the time and expense of dealing with an accident claim. Even if you have insurance for liability, you need to have the proper release forms to protect yourself. By using legal forms, you can avoid having to file a claim for liability coverage. Insurance for liability is not guaranteed to cover every circumstance, and it's possible to have coverage denied. Even if you have liability and insurance coverage, filing a claim involves significant time, delay, and will often increase your premium payments in the future. We'll take a look below at the best way to use consent forms to protect your interests, and spare yourself the anguish of handling accident claims.

What is a Waiver of Liability?

A waiver form technically means you give up a future right to pursue a legal remedy. A release from liability technically means you give up the right to seek compensation for harm that already been suffered. However, a combined waiver and release form is typically used when a risk of harm due to use of a product or participation in an activity is involved. A hold harmless agreement is one that agrees to assume liability for a risk involved in a transaction and indemnify, or reimburse, others against any damage or loss if a legal dispute arises.

When Can Liability of a Business be Avoided?

Business liability can be protected only against harm due to ordinary negligence. A waiver of liability won't protect against harm caused by intentional, reckless, or grossly negligent acts.

What Should a Sample Release and Waiver Form Contain?

A sample waiver form should contain language that can be clearly identified and understood. Legal jargon hidden in fine print is not recommended, it's much less likely to stand up in court. A sample release and waiver should be tailored to the specific type of activity or product involved, rather than using a generic form. Laws for particular activities and types of consent, like parental consent, vary. US Legal Forms offers a wide selection of release forms and consent forms to fit every need. Our waiver of liability form is professionally drafted and affordably priced. Whether you need to protect personal or business liability, we have the forms professionals trust.

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