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What is a Release of Liability Waiver Form? Form For Liability Waiver

A release of liability form is an important legal tool to protect your business and profits. By getting a signed release form, you can protect yourself against lawsuits and paying damages for harm caused to customers from business activities and products. US Legal Forms offers a professionally drafted and affordable release form sample that fits every situation. Whether you need an accident release, medical release, photo release, or any other type of release form or consent form, we carry a vast selection that can be easily downloaded and filled out in Word format.

What is a Waiver? Examples Of Waivers

What is a Waiver? Liability Waiver Example

A waiver is a legal form that gives up the right to claim damages for harm caused by ordinary negligence arising from business related activities or products. A waiver of liability form won't cover gross negligence, or reckless or intentional conduct. A release from liability technically covers harm already suffered due to business related activities or products. However, it's common to use a combined waiver and release of liability form. Such forms are typically included as part of consent forms when the business activity or product involves a degree of risk to customers or participants. This may apply to hazardous activities like sports or construction, or more conservative businesses, like accounting or computer services.

Even if your business carries general liability insurance, it's recommended to obtain signed waivers and release forms. By using waivers, you can avoid ever having to file an insurance claim. Your general liability insurance may deny coverage even if you do file a claim, and it can be a cumbersome ordeal that raises your rate if they do cover it.

A release form template should be tailored to the specific type of business involved, instead of using a generic release forms template. Courts are less likely to enforce a general waiver and release template. For example, a medical release should make mention of the complications, risks, and side effects involved. A parental consent form signed by a parent on behalf of a minor needs to comply with parental consent laws, which vary by state and subject matter. US Legal Forms offers a sample release form and waiver that's specifically drafted for your type of business. Whether you're looking for a photo release, to protect yourself from harm from an accident, or any other concern, we have the sample waiver of liability forms professionals trust.

Tips for Preparing Liability Waiver Form

Check your state laws. Despite some common requirements, states have their own rules for writing liability waiver forms.

Obtain your state-specific waiver forms templates in the US Legal Forms library. All samples presented are grouped by regions of usage. Get the one that fulfills your needs and preview it, if it’s available.

Buy the selected blank. To do so, you need an account with an active subscription. With the Premium plan, you can use an online document editor and an eSignature tool.

Read the terms of your form and adapt it to your situation. You may need advice from an attorney to properly prepare the Liability Waiver Form.

Add a warning message. Your release of liability waiver template must contain a caution text for parties to read the form prior to signing it.

Describe the details of the contract. Make sure everything is clear and there are no ambiguities in the text.

Specify all risks related to your situation. The participants should be aware of every possible threat, injuries, and damages they might face.

Talk in the first person. Always write your participant in the first person so that the document speaks on their behalf.

Include a statement from the participant confirming their acceptance of the liability waiver terms. They must check the box certifying they understand the risks and consent to free the releasor from any obligations and lawsuit.

Think of compensation limits. You can add a limit of compensation, which is the maximum amount of money that you agree to cover based on the harm.

Insert lines for each party and provide their personal and contact details. Each party must sign the Liability Waiver Form. Include space for a witness to approve the validity of signatures.

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