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A liability release form is crucial to avoid the expense and delay of dealing with accidental harm. To protect your liability in business dealings where products or activities involved carry a risk of harm to customers, it's better to be safe than sorry. Carrying liability insurance isn't a guarantee that you will be protected, as claims are often denied, and the claim process often involves time and aggravation. Just submitting a claim can raise your premiums, so preparing a release form for a minimal cost is a wise investment.

What is a Waiver? Georgia Liability Release Form

Waivers are legal documents that give up the right to seek compensation for a harm suffered. A release of liability is often used as an interchangeable term, but technically a release is used when the harm has already occurred. It is common to use a forms template that is a combined waiver and release.

There are certain guidelines to follow when creating a sample release:

  • Template forms should be geared toward the type of activity involved, rather than being a generic, catch-all type. The more specific it is, the more likely it is to be upheld. Some activities and consent forms are regulated in a way that requires precise language to be included.
  • A general liability release needs to be printed in a conspicuous manner. Fine print hidden at the end of a long document is less likely to be enforceable.
  • The sample release should be written in language that's easy to understand, not legal jargon that's hard to interpret.
  • Release and consent forms should be signed by the parties and dated.
  • When signing on behalf of another, such as the parental consent given on behalf of a minor, it's important to use a document specifically written for a third party's consent.
  • A legal document won't protect you from harm caused by reckless, grossly negligent, or intentionally harmful acts.
  • You don't need to be involved in sports activities or construction to be concerned about your liability. Liability can arise in less physical business activities, such as financial harm and violation of privacy rights, which can arise from the exchange of personal data.

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