Tennessee Owner's Notice of Transfer - Individual

Tennessee Owner's Notice of Transfer - Individual
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In order to preserve the virtue of the lien, as concerns subsequent purchasers or encumbrancers for a valuable consideration without notice thereof, though not as concerns the owner, such lienor, who has not so registered such lienor's contract, is required to file for record in the office of the register of deeds of the county where the premises, or any part affected lies, a sworn statement similar to that set forth in § 66-11-117, and pay the fees. The register shall file, note and record same, as provided in § 66-11-117. Such filing for record is required to be done within ninety (90) days after the building or structure or improvement is demolished, altered and/or completed, as the case may be, or is abandoned and the work not completed, or the contract of the lienor expires or is terminated or the lienor is discharged, prior to which time the lien shall be effective as against such purchasers or encumbrancers without such registration; provided, that the owner shall give thirty (30) days' notice to contractors and to all of those lienors who have filed notice in accordance with § 66-11-145 prior to the owner's transfer of any interest to a subsequent purchaser or encumbrancer for a valuable consideration.

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